After two years in development we have released our Beta product; finally!  First, I will note that releasing a Beta in a startup after two years of effort is nothing like releasing a new product in a large company. In a large company you have other sources of income (hopefully), existing customers, etc.  Sure, there are risks but it is highly unlikely that an individual failure would seriously imperil the overall company. In a startup you have exactly NOTHING. There are no existing products, revenue or customers. Success or failure is.. shall I say .. "very focused." 

At Formation, we have many potential customers totally excited about what we are doing and more Beta requests than we can handle. But it was also clear that, no matter how good the PowerPoint looked, most people (thankfully not our investors) were taking a wait and see approach. 

That makes sense. With any startup there are challenges.  One of our challenges was that our transformative value proposition required that we develop a bunch of new technology that had never been built before. 

So this beta release comes with great satisfaction. After more than two years of selling PowerPoint and having "trust me - it will be great" conversations I can now just say "try it out and see for yourself."

Feels good.



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