Top Gun was a great movie; it taught a simple lesson about the benefits of working as a team.  Tom Cruise “Maverick” ultimately learns this lesson with the motto “never leave your wingman.” 

Similarly, I couldn’t imagine starting a company without a co-founder – a wingman so to speak.  I would never recommend going it alone. Co-founders provide so many benefits. Co-founders fill gaps in your skill sets, provide insight and guidance when you need it, and make for great therapists. And maybe they just do the jobs you don’t like that much. They provide support, and sometimes alcohol, when times are tough. You co-founder is your sounding board and your business partner.

In your startup journey you will encounter and engage many people. Most will be friendly and many will provide advice and coaching but a co-founder is at your side on a daily basis.

Select your co-founder with care because, if you are successful, there is a good chance that you will be together for a long time and in all likelihood you will spend more time with that person than you do with your spouse.  I believe this is one of the most significant decisions you will make in your startup journey.

The right founding team does drive exponential performance.



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