I stopped blogging in late 2011.  There were a number of reasons, most notably in leaving EMC, I wanted to recharge and take more time for things outside of the industry. I traveled with my wife, perfected my golf swing (actually I made it worse), and even took up cycling and yoga! It seemed prudent to disconnect. Leaving EMC after 10 years was like leaving a family. There are many good memories, some really cool accomplishments, and a few regrets and frustrations that are all a part of life in a large company but most of these tales are drinking stories; not topics for a blog.

So, the short story for the last 2 years is:

-       I left EMC

-       I disconnected from the scene for about 10 months

-       I joined SilverLake as an technology advisor (which has been a great experience)

-       I looked at a number of options but decided I wanted to build something from scratch

-       With my co-founder Andy Jenks, we started a new company that is now about a year old.

I’m excited now to return to blogging to open a discussion around some of the amazing things I see happening in technology for the enterprise and, maybe, provide some coaching for aspiring startup founders looking to get their new venture going.

Time for Part 2 – I am hoping that, in this case and unlike in most movies, the sequel (Part 2) will be even better than the original….



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