With all of the changes in IT and technology over just the past few years, I really see the excitement building again around the all of the potential for innovation. I got to thinking about how technology will evolve and thought I would share some of those thoughts.

25 years from now – what will technology look like. Here are a few that I believe:

Technology will underpin almost everything but will be more and more hidden from view.

All of our digitally stored information will exist in the cloud. While even a phone will have a terabyte or more of local memory, the cloud will still be the repository.

Blue Ray will be the last removable media disk format. Our next generation of kids will not even understand the idea of "removable media."

Ownership of media, music and movies will be based on metadata and rights management. A person will not have to keep a copy of the data.

All storage will be "solid state" with no more moving parts.

Everything ever created will be "online."

Information security issues WILL NOT be completely solved. We will continue to struggle to protect copyrights and share information with limited individuals.

Content will be highly or hyper personalized. Since, at this point, almost all media will be streamed "individually," most advertising will be streamed as well.

Libraries will disappear and morph into think tanks and centers for ideation and discussion. Books will be in museums.

We will see at least one major breakthrough in science come from the ability to simply look for correlations across extremely large information sets.

We will see businesses actually adopt customer-specific value attributes to retain business. For example, a restaurant you frequent will offer special perks that you enjoy (like a preferred reservation time) and automatically remember how spicy you like your food.

We WILL NOT have solved the battery life issue. Bummer…

We will not carry wallets or keys. All credit and debit cards, memberships, and even our keys and ID (except our drivers license) will be on our mobile device. Our Drivers License won't be there because I don't think the governments will have figured out how to leverage technology (I hope I am wrong but I doubt it).

Our kids and our kids kids will adopt collaboration norms that haven’t been thought of yet.

We will organize our lives by search and metadata and not by folders and hierarchy.

Children (and many adults) will be hooked on the latest virtual worlds where they can sit around a virtual table and talk or play a game or watch a movie together. The video wont be like even the best video conferencing today, it will immerse and superimpose the user into the environment (yes, the V0.1 Hollow Deck for the Trekies out there).

Those are just a few of my thoughts. Overall, I believe that innovation will continue to accelerate.




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