Greetings from Boston. EMC World begins today, and everyone seems to have their heads in the cloud. We’re expecting a jam-packed conference full of learning, networking and fun.

I’m excited to tell you that , as of today, we have officially changed our name from Content Management & Archiving (CMA) to the Information Intelligence Group . 

This is a great for us, because when you think of it the CMA name was appropriate at the group’s inception, but it does not truly reflect where we are today, and definitely not where we are going. Given our recent acquisitions, the evolution of the content management space towards case management and the emergence of Information Governance, we had to adopt a less-descriptive and more visionary name. Information Intelligence Group better positions us in the market and better describes the value we deliver to our customers.

So, why the name Information Intelligence Group? My view is it best describes what we’re all about. Each individual word was deliberately chosen:

Information – this is clearly the heart of our business and EMC overall; Information is synonymous with EMC

Intelligence – it’s aspirational, positive and reflective of what we derive from information; from the beginning it has been the word most closely associated with CMA and its products

Group – we thought about using terms like, “Software,” “Technology” or “Solutions” but we felt those descriptions were too specific. “Group” feels consultative, connotes more of a team concept and provides a common umbrella for our product families (Documentum, SourceOne, Captiva, Document Sciences and My Documentum).


Of course, a name change is just that, but the team is excited and is rallying around it.

More news from Boston, so stay tuned.



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