I have a good feeling about 2010. I see the economy  showing positive signs, and the conversations I’m having with global executives confirm my optimism.

I also have a good feeling about CMA, here at EMC. Overall, what I am hearing from customers is their clear priority to make the investments necessary to make their businesses more efficient and competitive. Our team has done a great job of setting us up for leadership in four areas that I call “game changers.”

Allow me to quickly explain and you’ll see why I’m so encouraged and excited:

Information Governance – The launch of EMC SourceOne last year and the added functionality we continue to deliver changes the game from simple archiving to a comprehensive approach to Information Governance. Only EMC brings together archiving, eDiscovery and records management into a single solution, and our modular approach is superior to the other available products. The market is very receptive to our message, and our customers are seeing serious cost savings.

The Case Management Revolution – With Documentum xCP, we truly have a difference-maker in enabling our customers and partners to rapidly produce case-based applications. Configuring instead of coding changes the dynamics of application development, and leads to quicker time-to-market and dramatic risk reduction.   “Dynamic case management” is already taking off in the analyst community, so expect to hear much more here.

New Market-Changing Relationships – It’s still early in 2010, but we’ve already made two high-impact partnerships.  The first was with SAP to work together on a number of purpose-built solutions for the financial services and insurance industries.  This week, we announced a deal with FatWire, the leaders in Web Experience Management, for reciprocal reseller agreements, as EMC will resell FatWire’s comprehensive WEM product set and FatWire will resell EMC’s digital asset management software. These moves bolster our position in the market, and I’m thrilled to have both completed.

Lastly, as we’re seeing, there are game changing opportunities in the cloud, and CMA will embrace and leverage these cloud technologies faster than our competition. Simply put, all of our software will be fully VM-enabled this year, and the team has a multitude of “cloud services” initiatives in development. This is another area where EMC has attained true leadership status.

As you can see, there’s much to be excited about in 2010 and beyond.


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