If you work with EMC Documentum, you are going to start hearing about a new platform called Documentum xCP. xCP stands for Accelerated Composition Platform, and yes, I know there is no “x” in accelerated but Marketing loves to have an x in names and it definitely sounds cooler…

As we have not had a lot of fanfare on xCP (yet), you might think it is just another product suite or bundled product. True, xCP was created by combining our Capture, Output, Content Server, BPM/BPA and other products to form a new platform for developing case-centric applications, but there is much more to it.

There is a lot to explain and talk about here (which I will do over the course of several blog posts) but, as they do in the news business – let me start with the headline.  xCP will fundamentally change HOW people build case/information-centric applications. We believe xCP is so much more efficient in terms of ease of application development and operational cost to use, customers and partners will be able to leverage technology to improve productivity in whole new areas of the business.

In short, I believe one of the single largest untapped technology markets today is helping customers automate case and paper-centric processes. We developed xCP to be the best platform built for this specific purpose, and we’re really excited about it. Expect to hear more in future posts.




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