A great part of our culture is how experiences and events somehow lead to new words, and every year the Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary is updated with new words that hit our vocabulary. In the 2009 edition, new entries were added, such as vlog (video blog), frenemy (one who pretends to be a friend but is actually an enemy), and waterboarding (no definition required…). With all of the advances in technology and changes in business it seems like our current dictionary falls short in describing many of our day to day technological experiences. They didn’t ask me for help, but here are a few additions that I’d like to see:

Tweetionary - the dictionary for Twitter abbreviations that enables you to construct a sentence about what you are doing every minute of the day in under 140 characters. Now a bestseller for TV news personalities.

Jobby – money-losing businesses run by independently wealthy people (often a winery, golf store or motorcycle shop) that give the person something to do

Workation - adding a bit of fun to your work trip by staying the weekend quickly followed by the…

Laycation - when your spouse has your vacation so packed with an endless parade of activities that you find you need a vacation from your vacation to finally relax and unwind

Garmenatrix - when you feel compelled to follow your GPS even when you know it is wrong

PHB (Phantom-hip-vibration) – that feeling on your hip when you think your Blackberry has gone off until you notice that you are not even wearing it

BDD (Blackberry deficit disorder) - the twitching that happens during a long dinner when your Blackberry is buzzing like crazy but you are not allowed to check it

Bat Trip - the 6 day 7 city business trip that is so hectic you feel like a bat (you work in a cave all day and fly at night)

Specificiton - what I hope my sales team doesn't do when explaining our product features

Technoflication - taking an otherwise simple function (like turning on your TV) and adding technology to the point where only a SW engineer (or a 12 year old) can make the device function

Flystration - that simple misery that now seems to encompass airline travel

And finally:

Hell (on earth) - LAX airport


I’m sure you have others to add; I’d be interested in reading them.




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