Greetings. Last week, I had the privilege of presenting the second day keynote at our annual EMC World conference in Orlando Florida. About 1500 customers, partners and employees turned out to hear my presentation which, in light of the times, focused on how organizations can “drive ROI” with our solutions. Return on investment? Yes. Return on information? Definitely.

As loyal readers know, the CMA division is focused on wrapping policy around information to maximize our customers’ leverage, so I described our approach to information management across five key areas:

· Information Governance: highlighting the recent launch of EMC SourceOne, and the massive cost savings associated with the cross-application archiving infrastructure family .

· Information-centric Applications: focusing on the Documentum xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) for rapidly building composite applications. We see xCP as the platform of the future; the emphasis shifts to “configuration” not “customization,” so integration time, solution costs and operating costs for building largely case management-based applications will be cut in half.

· Information Connectivity: in promoting virtual information management, I stressed the need for organizations to take a more customer-centric approach to information. I’ve blogged on this topic a few times.

· Information Access: I enjoyed showing the productivity enhancements we provide by enabling customers to access their information their way, via Explorer, Outlook, SharePoint, TaskSpace, CenterStage, or other mediums. This benefit is a clear differentiator for CMA.

· Information and Infrastructure:  The single most commonly-used word at EMC World was “cloud,” so I described my vision of cloud “layers” and the relevance for CMA. From our integration and support for VMware’s vSphere to our demonstration of CenterStage on the Amazon EC2 web service to our intent of delivering a developers edition on Documentum xCP for trial and development, there’s momentum in our cloud strategy, and the interest from conference attendees was palpable.

I closed by demonstrating how our focus on Compliance, Composition, Customer-centricity, Collaboration and the Cloud delivers a comprehensive strategy to accelerate business with a quick and measureable payback.

It rained the entire time in Orlando, but the weather in no way damped the enthusiasm from those who took time from their busy schedules to learn, connect and interact with us. Thanks to all who made the trip, and a special thanks to everyone at EMC who put together a fantastic experience.

A .pdf of the presentation is available for download.

Download EMCWorld__DD2



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