“The bane of my existence” loosely defined means the person or thing is “a constant irritant or source of misery.”  In many ways, I think e-mail must be the bane of IT and of many users. The amount of corporate e-mail messages sent and received per person, per day is just insane, growing from 142 in 2007 to an estimated 199 in 2010. On average then, organizations with 10,000 mailboxes handle 2 million e-mails per day, so when factoring in message length and attachments (39% of all corporate e-mail), e-mail management can be a costly, painful requirement for doing business. 

I once did a simple calculation of the corporate productivity that was lost in our organization each time an e-mail was sent to “ALL.”  If it takes, on average, just 30 seconds for each person in a 50,000 person company to open, glance through and then delete or file an e-mail, each unwanted email effectively would cost the company roughly 416 hours of labor costs! Pretty amazing.

With all of this “accumulation” of e-mail content, asking individuals to take the time to manage all of their own e-mail is simply not wise or cost effective. I remember when EMC used to set these small mailbox size limits and everyone would spend hours each week moving e-mails into PST files or putting large files on their laptops. Beside the security and compliance issues, it is simply not cost-effective to ask users to manage this volume of information manually.

Today we launched a new, important family of products aimed at addressing the policy-based information management (i.e. archiving, eDiscovery, retention, deletion, etc) requirements for organizations on all sizes. The SourceOne family enables companies to centrally manage multiple content types for consistent retention, disposition and overall lifecycle management. We’re thrilled to deliver this to the market because it sits at the intersection of hot button topics for executives, namely, reduce costs; mitigate risk; ensure compliance and improve productivity.  SourceOne has all of that covered, and cost savings are especially compelling for these economic times. Initially, SourceOne focuses on managing e-mail.

Recent analyst projections show customers who implement an email management solution can reduce storage costs between 20-30%, improve time to complete backups by greater than 50%, and get an average payback in 2-3 years. All strong stuff, but we have our sights set for SourceOne to dramatically to beat those numbers so payback can come in under 12 months. Of course the size of your environment matters, but we’ve seen a 14,000 user organization achieve payback in just 7 months and 62% TCO savings, so this is impressive, no matter how you slice it.

There are, however, enormous additional efficiencies (that are not even factored yet) when adopting an information management capability like SourceOne .

First, you can increase user productivity if users simply don’t have to manage their email. The system does it for them via policies around retention (and deletion). Additionally, when e-mail and other content is well-managed, it is easier (and much less expensive) to find. Gartner says companies without an active policy and strategy for content archiving solutions will spend 1/3 more on eDiscovery than those without. And since eDiscovery typically involves lots of lawyers; paying extra to try to find information is very expensive.

I encourage you to read more about these solutions.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge and thank the entire team involved in getting these game-changing solutions to market. In these times, every company needs to insure their information is properly retained and managed but what everyone really wants are more ways to save money. The real win is when you can get both at once.




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