We just launched an exciting new set of products under the banner of Documentum ECM 6.5.  From the title you might think this is just a dot   release of our base ECM platform but it is much, much more. Documentum ECM 6.5 is a launch name for a new suite of products and capabilities that will change the way content management platforms can be leveraged.

First, we added a whole bunch of “Web 2.0” capabilities. Yeah, that is a great buzzword but I believe there are some really interesting things here. Put simply, this integration will allow companies to leverage more and more Web 2.0 development environments and applications while still maintaining secure and effective content management.

There are many interesting new products in this announcement. One of the most interesting is Documentum CenterStage. This is a cool new product for content-centric collaboration with all sorts of great new ways for users to interact with information and each other, but the really cool thing is that the base product will be released in beta for no charge.   It comes out initially as an online beta for anyone to try out.   To me, it only made sense that we have a base client that broadens the use of ECM -- we made that happen.

My personal favorite is “My Documentum”.  Simply put, this product will let me work with my content when I am offline. Even though I am traveling less on planes these days, I still like to just pop open my laptop and start working.  That is even if I can possibly find a WiFi connection.   Still if I have a connection when I am traveling, it usually takes so long to connect that I spend more time setting up the network than I do actually working.

For the “creative” crowd, we introduced a new collaboration tool specifically designed for rich media called Media WorkSpace. With design efforts going global, these tools are a ‘must’ for effective collaboration.

We also did a number of things to make ECM more efficient for both high volume (large number of files) and high capacity (very large files) use. This is a key element of delivering an information infrastructure that truly can handle all types of information.

So, if you think this release is just a dot upgrade, I suggest you look again. There are a bunch of new capabilities and products in Documentum ECM 6.5 that we believe will really change how companies can leverage content management capabilities more effectively across more areas of their business.



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