After 4 days, I am leaving Las Vegas. I am wiped out. It was a greatEMCworld but it seems that my “Vegas endurance” level is now closer to 3 days. I guess that’s what happens when you get old!

Sometimes it is hard to appreciate how much change can happen so quickly. EMCworld. with over 9000 people attending, has turned into a major event. What I really like about this event is that it is all about going deep on the technology and keeping the fluff to a minimum (at least during the day).

If you missed my talk at EMCworld – no problem – it is on YouTube if you want to see it. I spoke a great deal about collaboration. It is amazing to see how we are now leveraging technology to work together but it was clear from talking to customers that the key is going to not be any single technology but the flexibility individuals with to “mash up” their own personal collaboration suites.

Technically, achieving this is going to be very much about separating information from applications. Yes, you heard right, we need to separate our information from our applications. Let me give you a simple example. You have a document and you would like to have that document used in a variety of ways. You may want to edit it on your laptop but you would also like to edit it from a web app like Google apps and maybe even on your balackberry. You would like to push it out to a few co-workers for review and you need to share it with an external supplier.

If that document is attached to a specific application then you can work with it one way through one application. If however, it is available as a “web service” than almost anything is possible. XML-based content services are what will enable this flexibility and value. The power and flexibility of our content can truly be unleashed once it can be made available to any possible application.

We are doing some great things to help our customers leverage the widest variety of applications with content. From collaboration tools that now can integrate blogs and wikkis to XML databases that can dynamically build and index content, the change in how we can leverage information is now upon us.





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