Iwent to check my calendar on my Blackberry the other day and actually got the hour glass! I started to freak out. Had the one appliance that I actually relied on for zero-wait time gotten too complicated? As it turns out, I had loaded some application that was soaking up the processor. So much for that app – I wiped it out!

I need at least one real-time device!

Even with all of the hardware advances, I am blown away by how long I have to wait to do basic things. When I arrive at a hotel and want to sync my email on my laptop, I can easily figure 20-30 minutes to boot, find cables or setup WiFi, configure and pay for Internet, configure and login to VPN, and then sync email. Most of the time, I don’t even bother anymore.

This is still way too hard.  

Talk about what drives value - I will even sit in my office and read my email on my Blackberry because the PC is too slow! I also made the mistake of loading a new version of PowerPoint on my existing laptop (it is only 18-months old). Now I can go get coffee while my files open. After I looked at all of the new features, I went back to my old version because I was so much more productive not waiting 10 seconds for every action!

What scares me is that we are going backwards!

We all like new features. Given the technology advances, I feel we should be able to get new features while not having to actually wait longer in the process. Even my new HDTiVo has a 2- or 3-second longer wait-time to switch between regular and recorded TV. I am not sure the picture quality is worth it.

As far as I am concerned, I have about all the features I can take in my email system and presentation tools – except performance!

Even my new car now takes longer to ‘boot’. There is no reason for this and I think that real-time responsiveness could wind up becoming the biggest new feature around.



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