Well, I have a new gig. I am now moving over into anoperational role to lead the CMA (Content Management and Archiving) Business. I will also continue to manage the Technology Ventures Group. For those who have known me for the past 5 years (at EMC) this may seem like an unusual move but, for most of my career, I have been in General Manager roles. EMC was really my first exposure to roles like CTO and CDO. Ahhh- back to having a quota! 

I have had 4 different roles since joining EMC and each one has been exciting and different. I joined EMC as CTO. In this role I was able to focus on Technology Strategy and M&A. Next I moved over to mange OSO (Open SW Operations). This role was great in that I was able to build a strong connection to the Engineering teams and development processes. Co-Leading ESG (EMC Software Group), we focused on building a strong new team out of several acquisitions. Finally as CDO (Chief Development Officer) I focused a variety of roles with the primary purpose on building “One EMC” from a strategy, products, and technology standpoint.

It has all been so much fun – which, if you are lucky, is how your “work” should be! 

I am not a stranger to the CMA business. I have been involved either directly or indirectly with this great organization since the acquisition of Documentum. As I have said, I believe the industry is at a key inflection point. We are at the point where the bulk of the information we store and consume is unstructured and we need to start managing, and leveraging it much more effectively. We also need to make it available across multiple applications in a secure and flexible ways.

Up front, I will say this; I will be working with the CMA team to take the business to a whole new level! We will be leveraging and integrating the technology even more across EMC. We will establish even more depth to our strategic relationships to deliver more complete business solutions. We will create and integrate even more technology that will help people collaborate better and build more efficient business capabilities. With the prediction the 95% of the information we create in 2010 will be unstructured content – there is simply an incredible opportunity. 

I will clearly miss the deep involvement on the M&A and technology side as well as the great teams of people we have built in these areas but I will clearly also stay engaged with all of you and these efforts.

And yes, I intend to keep blogging on technology, management, strategy and ideas that interest me. More than ever I believe this is a great medium for communication. But now I need you all to buy stuff from me too – hey I have a quota! 

So, stay tuned. I can tell you all one thing; we will not be sitting still.



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