As I deliver a lot ofspeeches, sometimes I feel like more of an entertainer than what I really am (which would take too long to define). It often seems like I am "on the circuit" so to speak. I feel like one week I will open my calendar and it will say, you are doing the Forum on Monday, hitting Leno Tuesday and then a 2 week run at Caesar’s in Vegas!

When it comes right down to it any speaker, educator, or sales person needs to "entertain" to some degree. Ever notice how the teachers that could make learning interesting were the ones you remember (as well as the subject matter). It is not different for any of us.

I often watch certain "star CEO's" and executives present horribly and I wonder how much more impact they could have if they "jazzed" things up a bit. I don't much listen to this type of person any more as they are simply reciting from their market message without passion or added value.

There is clearly a place for messaging but, if that's all the CEO is going to say, then they should hire an entertainer to deliver it. At least the audience would have more fun.

I assume that if anyone wants to know about the products or services we offer or our key value propositions they can go to This blog connection is to explain why we are doing things and give a personal take on “stuff” - and hopefully do it in a way that is fun - infotainment if you will...



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