Ok, sorry. No big blog this week. This was a “birthday” weekend for me. Yes, you can safely say I am “over 30.” This one was especially fun in that I had a few old friends come out here to visit. We had people everywhere in the house and had a great party.

I am taking Monday off to fully recover. 

It is funny though to look at the new “social norms” in the information age – we were all sitting around on Saturday morning in our family room and there were maybe 5 laptops and 2  PCs running with people sending email to their kids, downloading and sharing photos, chatting, and looking on the internet for things to do. The biggest question of the morning was “what is the wireless password!”

It all seems normal to me but I can imagine how odd it would be even from the perspective of say 20 years ago. My mom was staying with us and she was just amazed at the sight of all of these computers. The days of sitting around the table and just talking or even sitting around the TV have evolved have a whole new twist in the “information age.”

I will not even try to comment on if it is better or worse – it is simply different.  Technology clearly can and does continue to change the social fabric and norms of our lives. 


I am also going to make a few changes to the blog. Yes - I have finally added comments and will be experimenting more with tagging. As we enter into the Information 2.0 world, I hope to use the blog as a way to explore more ideas around technology and communication. 



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