Four days and maybe a total of 12 hours of sleep later (yes that is like 3 hours per night) I am heading home from EMC World. I will post a copy of my keynote presentation and a video link soon.

The show was amazing and tons of fun. It was great to catch up with so may people -- the intensity and pace was just unbelievable. The days were long and jam packed with great evening events. Other than a brief jam session on stage at the House of Blues (which I hear there are already photo’s floating around), I don’t think I embarrassed myself too much! 

I think what was most exciting was the enthusiasm that I saw throughout the event. It continued to prove to me that this is by no means a commodity business. In fact, I see the opposite happening. As I noted in my talk, I believe that we will not only innovate with new technology but we will also see incredible innovation in the ways in which we use technology and processes to collaborate to put solutions together.

A number of you commented how “relaxed” I looked. Well, I don’t think it was just the Margaritas. It is simply great to see a plan come together. In July, I will have worked for EMC for 5 years. In this time I believe we have transformed and extended our role within IT while still not loosing the focus and intensity for our core businesses. At this event, probably for the first time, I saw more customers that already understood our strategy and what we are trying to do with our Information Infrastructure vision. In fact, I did not get a single “I don’t understand why you acquired x company” question while I was there! 

While it is great to have a vision and it has been great fun putting all of the pieces in place; the best feeling is when a customer walks up to me and says “this Information Infrastructure strategy really makes total sense and fits perfectly with what we want to do.”

See you all next year… 


PS. And a personal thanks to the whole EMC team that put on the show. The amount of work to put this show on is just unbelievable and you all did a fantastic job!

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