OK -it is time for the big week of the year for us EMCer’s -- EMC World. We will have 3 shows (ETS, Momentum, and the SW developer conference) running at the same time so the total attendance is like over 6000! A small city unto itself. 

Shows are interesting - to me they are like a time warp. You try to cram a months worth of meetings, training (and parties) into 4 days. By the end, I want to sleep for a week.

At any rate I hope to be able to speak directly with many of you this week. Also, I expect everyone to get up Wednesday morning for my talk (hey - if I have to get up). It should be fun. OK, maybe I have a warped idea of fun – how about hopefully it will be interesting. 

The keynote has another title but I call it "living in a 2.0 world" - I will talk about the key business and technology trends, and give you some insight into a whole new ways to innovate with EMC.

For those that attend I will give you free tickets to Universal Orlando – oh I guess you get those anyway! 

See you there -




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