The amount of information we store digitally has grown significantlyand fairly consistently over the past years. It has grown, on average, between 60-70% for the last decade.

Even with all of this growth - I believe there are even more growth drivers now.

First, we have more and more “Information Producers.” These producers are all of us, our kids, and every individual out there. From MySpace, and Youtube, to music, digital photos and even blogs, we are all producing more content.

Next, I believe we are going to see exponential growth in “sensor” data. Sensors include RFID scanners, video surveillance, and even remote health monitoring. This is likely one of the largest growth areas.

Finally, our desire for “resolution” continues to increase. From HD digital video to 10 mega-pixel cameras, we continue strive for better quality and resolution.

All of this plus the continued growth of business data and information from many of these same sources will continue to propel our increasing desire for more capacity.

The need for Information Infrastructures – information systems that provide an integrated capability to store, protect, leverage, and optimize information become increasingly critical to allow us to move forward. Having the raw capacity is no longer the key constraint; we need to be able to more effectively manage and leverage all of this data.









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