What a month

Sorry for the slow down in writing – the good news (for me) was that I was not traveling much in January so my writing time went way down – the bad news was that the person (Julia) that had been organizing my work-life brilliantly for the past 4 years also went back to her home state of Montana and, I have come to again realize what I already knew -- organization and logistics are not my strong suit… 

February looks to be back on track as I think I will be home all of 3 days this month…


The plan for spring 

This month I will be writing a new keynote for some March conferences called “EMC 2.0“ talking more about Information, Information Infrastructures and their role in SOA frameworks. To me, this is the evolution of Web 2.0 to “Enterprise 2.0.” If you have any great examples of how information can be/is being leveraged as we migrate to a Web Services environment please send them along.

Any other thoughts? Send them along too. 


The Information Tail

Soon - I will start a new series titled “The Information Tail” based on a premise from Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail” – hope you enjoy it.

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