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Hey Steve (Duplessie)-

I note that you thought I was 20 years older you. I guess that means that you either think I am pretty wise (beyond my years) or that I am desperately in need of a better exercise program – I will assume it’s the former….

Seriously I never heard of MAN/MAN but that sounds just like DEC. It was too bad that the leadership there never appreciated the value of good application SW. If so, they would still exist today but just be called Oracle…

Thanks for Dinner – wait a minute – I paid.


On Pure Water (Happy Meal) 

Many of you wrote to me to ask if this means that IT is just destined to be a commodity. – It is just the opposite! The analogy is that people will pay more for something that does the job in a simple way. We are clearly a long way from that… 


De-duplication – unplugged 

People have been blown away by our Avamar acquisition. I can’t believe the response. It takes about 4 minutes to explain and you can measure the TCO in days – not years. But some technical folks have been skeptical that we could perform a backup with de-duplication ratios upward of 300:1. Here is how we do it (directly from Jed Yueh – Avamar founder):

“Folks are stumbling over one of the critical differences between EMC’s (Avamar) approach and the other VTL/target approaches to de-duplication. Our level of de-duplication is a benefit that target de-duplication solutions simply cannot provide.

At the target, Avamar provides similar numbers to others for data de-duplication--25:1 to 50:1.But at the source, Avamar gets up to 300:1 on a daily basis, because we stop the avalanche of full and incremental backups before it forms, reducing backup times, client resource consumption, and network utilization.

While most other systems wait for a 100% full backup to come to its repository before de-duplicating, Avamar typically sends and stores only 0.3% of the data--in a fraction of the time.

Target de-duplication solutions also cannot present network-mount views of their data stores, because the metadata is stored in the backup server--so they can't tap the potential value in secondary storage. Avamar can unlock that potential value (break open the piggy bank, so to speak).”

This is really amazing technology and will start to drive new “Combinatorial ILM” functions that I will discuss in a future post.


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