I gave a keynote Tuesday on EMC Strategy at Storage World in Boston. There were lots of requests for the presentation so here is the link.

Download lewis_swc_blog.pdf 

Folks also asked if I could give the presentation again or how they could hear the actual presentation so here is a link to a mp3 I created from the talk for the podcast crowd.

Download emc_pr_lewis_swc_9.19.06_2006_09_18.mp3

I am not going to be able to sync the speech to the slides but I am sure folks can track it through pretty easily (caution - the audio is 23MB! sorry, didn't have the time to compress this).

My thanks to Daniel Delshad and the Storage World team. They did a very nice job.


I am a big believer in having a strategic framework for everything you do – a guiding vision if you will. EMC’s vision is to build an “Information Infrastructure” for our customers. This infrastructure will allow you to store, manage, protect, virtualize (move), archive, and secure your information, as well as manage your IT resources in ways that reduce cost, while giving you the ability to derive more value (knowledge) from the information itself. Whew – that was a mouthful. Take a look at presentation – I think it ties things together pretty well.

Sometimes as we rush to build on vision we forget that we need to tell everyone why we think what were doing is important and, as I believe in this case, transformational. This and other blogs from me will work to help articulate not only what we are doing but why we are doing it!

Chris Preimesberger (eWeek) also did a nice write-up summary of my strategy talk. I think he even said it better in some places! Here is that link as well.,1895,2017702,00.asp

We have clearly been busy here doing lots of great things both internally and through acquisitions to deliver on our vision. I think we have assembled some of the most innovative technologies that exist today to bring this vision to reality. I hope you will agree.


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