This is new for me - Blogging that is. The Marketing folks wanted me to do it but, like many companies these days, I just figured this would fall into the legal abyss and never come out. Too much risk they would say. I thought I was off the hook but I was wrong; they actually pulled it off - oops.

Its not that I didn't want to Blog; I think the power of individual "commerce"  is the largest single untapped resource (more on that some other time) in the world. This should be fun and I have no idea what to expect.

So some housekeeping to start. Is this a corporate Blog? NO. As the Chief Development Officer (which really means "Head Strategy Guy") will my views reflect things we are doing at EMC - YES. At least I hope so or they will start looking for a new strategy guy:-) As my one disclaimer, I guess EMC does pay the monthly fee for the site (I hope I don’t get taxed).

They had this corporate photo of me in the requisite black suit with the yellow power tie but I took that one down. The short story on the personal side is besides my family, I like to ski, fly fish, collect classic cars, and enjoy a good cigar. Oh, and yes, as you would expect, I am a gadget nut. The Lab in the picture is "Doc;" one of three labs we have right now. That is about all of the personal side I intend to get into but the plastic suit thing just didn't work for me.

OK down to business. As you would expect, I would like to comment on technologies and trends, offer some perspectives and provide a deeper thought process that went into many of the strategies and acquisitions that evolved for EMC. People will often label me a "technologist" but I don't consider myself one at all.  I like to think of myself as simply a matchmaker but just not with people. There are so many problems to be solved and so many things we can do better. On ther other side there are so many great new things being invented every day. I view my job is simply matching ideas with the needs - aren't we all just in sales.

I once heard some one comment that, in all likelihood, we already have created the cure for Cancer but the problem is, we just don’t know it yet.

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